TerraGo Toolbar® is a free plug-in for Adobe® Reader® that enables over 800 million Adobe Reader users to access, update and share GeoPDF® maps and imagery, in both connected and offline environments. TerraGo Toolbar provides field personnel with anytime, anywhere access to rich, geospatial information and location intelligence applications that enable them to collect on-the-ground intelligence and send it back to analysts and decision makers.

USNG Training resources for

Iowa's emergency responders in

the use of USNG

Training Iowa's emergency

responders in the use of USNG

Implementing the USNG in

Iowa's emergency services

Tools to use USNG mapping


Interactive PDF maps

Maps Maps Maps

To add the USNG to Google Earth:

1. Click on the Google earth link above

2. Save the file

3. Click on the EarthPointFlyTo.kml file and it will open in Google earth.